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Dental High Speed Diamond Burs Set Kit -- Cavity

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  • Swiss Quality, Your Best Choice.
  • Diamond Grit and Stainless Steel ( HZ 800 Magnetized Steel )
  • Uses natural diamond powder. French the most advanced electroplating technology.
  • Been produced under international standards, premium quality precision finishing.
  • With high strength & durability, high sharpness & outstanding cutting efficiency.
  • 18 Pcs / Kit
  • Size :    181-M/BR-46,    182-C/BR-45C,    85-M/BR-31,    198-M/BC-31,    204-M/SI-46,   219-M/DI-42,    220-M/DI-43,    234-M/EX-41   233-M/EX-31
  • 175-C/SR-42C,    159-M/SF-40,   160-C/SF-41C,    161-C/SF-42C,   154-C/SF-20C,    112-M/TF-42,    113-C/TF-43C,    138-M/TR-41,    132-C/TR-20C