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Dental Metal Matrices Bands Sectional Contoured Matrix Refill System F2

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F2 Kits Feature:
  1. Special reinforced material ensures the appropriate strength and elasticity;
  2. Delivering optional separation forces and building prefect contact each time;
  3. Tight contacts, excellent retention and separating teeth without impaction;
  4. For molars with regular crown, with short crown, deciduous teeth and other challenging areas;
  5. Two Ring :one for molars with regular crown, the other for molars with low crown or not well aligned and deciduous teeth;
  6. Autoclavable
  7. diamond wedge

 The system contains:

Sectional Matrix Bands:50pcs (#1-10pcs , #2-15pcs , #3-15pcs , #4-10pcs) *2

Resin Clamping Ring-1pc

Resin Separating Ring-1pc

Extra Small :16pcs

Small :16pcs

Medium :16pcs

Large :16pcs

Deep :16pcs

Extra Large :16pcs

Extra extra Large:16pcs

Dental Forceps-1pc 

Packing:1 box